Dogmatek boutique effects pedals, New Zealand


Full Stereo

In and Out


Arctic Wolf

Fully analog signal path


Save and Recall

Up to 8 presets


Dogmatek produce high quality and unique effects pedals.

Our emphasis on original design integrity enables you to produce innovative and classic sounds using modern control methods. At the heart of all Dogmatek pedals are crisp, warm analog electronics ensuring you get real, unadulterated tone with superior functionality.

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The graphics are looking great

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The 2nd prototype case has arrived with all the graphics to boot. Check it out! Excuse the orange switches, they are just there for fitting.  This pedals days are numbered……

User Manual revamp

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The new Arctic Wolf user manual is available for free download.  Click on the link here and its yours. ARCTIC WOLF USER MANUAL There’s loads of info and a few…

Boards Ready for printing

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The PCBs are currently being inspected by the fabricators. Parts have almost all arrived. The suppliers made a bit of a mistake in the supply of the components but its…

Circuit boards

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There is a lot going on when you keep your audio path analog and control it digitally, but the circuit boards are almost complete. Just the final production tweaks left.