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The Arctic Wolf Twin Modulator

Imagine a fully-analogue audio path with a completely fresh approach to filtering –

A re-imagining of controls, that push the boundaries of phasing and make it enviably easy to create incredible, unique sounds without the need for a degree in audio engineering. All that mouth-wateringly tasty tone is locked up safe in an original, robust and stylish enclosure.

A Wolf never forgets

You’ll create classic phasing sounds that swirl lusciously around, leaving you whimpering with the possibilities. Then you’ll cunningly build up to the most ear-dominating, brain-spinning phasing possible – and anything in-between. And it’s all jaw-droppingly accessible, thanks to the built-in ability to save – yes, you can SAVE the 100% pure analog tone in 1 of 8 foot (or should that be paw?) selectable presets to recall at any time.

Wild analog tone, finally tamed

With TAP tempo you can match the tempo of your favourite song and play the classics in perfect time just by tapping your foot. There are 5 modulation waveforms to choose from so you can dial in the classic sounds used by the likes of Led Zeppelin or The Eagles. Then dial in deep Maxon-esque sounds to get that classic Pink Floyd thing going on.

If you’re looking for more unique sounds in your playing, then hook up another amp to get full stereo phasing and dial in a little ‘PEAK’ and ‘VALLEY’ freeze. This freezes the phasing at its upper and lower apex. Let the phase swirl to the left, then… pause… before building wildly across to the right. Cue utter brain-bliss. You won’t get this feature anywhere else.

You also get a host of other unbeatable features:

  • Recall IN – want to recall settings on all your Dogmatek pedals with the click of a switch? Stupid question, of course you do. So buy our FENNEC FOX Recall Pawswitch (that’s our foot-switch to the uninitiated) and hook it up to any of the Dogmatek pedal range for instant recall.
  • CV in and Out – connect other pedals to sync rate, make the Dogmatek pedal the alpha, or hook up our RED FOX Envelope Generator for intense tone gratification.
  • True bypass – channel one is full true, channel 2 is electronic bypass. Not just handy. Bloody essential.
  • Speed range – get the largest single speed range available, from slow ‘classic’ modulation to ring modulation-like intensity.
  • Expression connect – let your foot do the phasing, hook up an EXP pedal to control  RATE with paw-power alone.
  • Up to 18dB of gain! Let your amp feel the bite of the Arctic Wolf.
  • Mono in – Dual output, Mono in – Stereo output, or full Stereo in – Stereo output, that’s two Wolves in one!

Technical Specifications:


Waveforms:                         Triangle, Square, Sine, Random, Manual sweep
VCO:                                        0.05Hz – 100Hz
Symmetry:                           10%-90%
Hold:                                       0.005sec – 2sec
Memory:                               8 locations (expandable to 16)
Tap Multiply:                        1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 6:1, 8:1, 16:1
Modulation Stages:           Mono: 4 | 6 | 12
                                                 Stereo: 4 | 6
Configurations:                   Mono IN Dual OUT | Mono IN Stereo OUT |
                                                  Stereo IN Stereo OUT

Power Supply

Power Supply:                    9VDC – 12VDC | C- | 300mA


Dimensions:                        170mm x 140mm x 50mm
Weight:                                   0.8Kg


Input Z:                                   1Mohm
Output Z:                               10Kohm
Input Level:                          -70dB – 0dB
Gain:                                        -10 to 18dB
CV out:                                    0-5V AC | 0.05Hz – 100hz
CV in:                                       0-5V AC | 0.01Hz – 10Khz
Recall in:                                0-5V DC pulse


Architecture:                       Analog signal path, Digital control circuitry
Filters:                                    PWM controlled Filters
Headroom:                           +/-8V
SNR:                                        100dB